Finding out you have a few unwanted 6-legged guests sleeping in your bed is bad enough, the last thing you need is to be concerned about damage being done to your possessions during bed bug treatment. The good news for you as a homeowner is that heat treatment for bed bugs when prepared for properly, will not cause any damage to your belongings, and unlike chemical removal, it doesn’t leave any residue.

How does heat treatment work

To understand the safety of your belongings, it is key to understand just how heat treatment works. Uniformly, like humans, house pests like bed bugs have a temperature limit, that once breached, kills them instantly. Bed bugs, while seeming resilient, are disturbed at 50 degrees celsius, also known as the instant death zone. Fifty degrees is quite warm, and is just around the same temperature that your dryer runs at. For more detailed information on our process, visit here

Why your belongings are safe

We at Thermagone know how precious the belongings in your home are, and how many are completely irreplaceable. We are here to address and resolve your concerns when it comes to heat treatment. Heat treatment is completely safe for your home’s structure, as well as appliances. When it comes to the belongings, there are a few things to keep in mind before the process begins.

The precautions you can take

Naturally, due to the nature of the treatment, there are precautions and preparatory steps that need to be taken before extermination. Anything that would suffer due to high levels of heat should be taken out of the house. Furniture should be moved away from walls and other cloth. Anything that has the ability to expand and contract, like musical instruments, will need to be removed as well. Magnets, like the ones on your fridge may lose some of their strength during treatment too. For a detailed list of items which need to be moved, check here. Unlike chemical extermination, heat treatment does not involve any intense pre-treatment preparation, aftercare, or toxic side effects.

Other home precautions

The methods used during heat treatment are most effective when there is the least amount of clutter, so try and reduce any clutter in your home. Due to the flow of air, anything that can blow away should also be secured (i.e. papers). Finally, to make things easier on you, ensure you take any belongings you will need during the treatment process (medications, electronics etc.) as you won’t be able to enter the premises during treatment, which typically takes between four and seven hours.

So long as you follow all the precautions and ask questions about specific items, your personal belongings, along with your appliances and furniture, are completely safe. Moreover, after treatment, bed bugs are completely gone, and your home will be restored to its full glory.