In addition to our industry-leading bed bug heat treatment and other bed bug extermination services, we offer other pest control services for the most pervasive pest threats, such as cockroaches and rodents, as part of our Complete Pest Control program. See below for a list of services that are part of this program.

Cockroaches: Along with bed bugs, cockroaches represent the most common and unpleasant types of insect infestation in the GTA. Roaches can be difficult to remove on one’s own due to their tenacity and adaptability. We offer the following options for effective treatment of cockroach infestation in residential properties:

Gel & Dust for Apartments and Townhouses.
Flush and Vacuum for Apartments and Townhouses.

Rodents: Mice and rats search for nests and food wherever they can find them, and a property’s basement or walls may offer them plenty of both, encouraging them to stay. These pests can caus havoc in a home once they have established a foothold, and—without outside help—can be difficult to get rid of permanently. We offers the following options for the removal of rats and mice from residential properties:

Interior and Exterior Baiting for Apartments and Townhouses.
Full Building Guaranteed Treatment for Apartments and Townhouses.

Pigeon Removal Program for Apartment, Condo & Commercial Buildings… Read More Here
K9 Inspection Services: Thermagone offers special inspection services for bed bugs via the use of trained dogs, who have learned to identify and locate the presence of these pests in residences. We offer this service for buildings with one or more units in need of inspection.

For more information, see our webpage about Other Pest Control Services: (link).
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