Pigeons represent a large volume of bird pests in Toronto and other cities. Discouraging them from nesting on and around your building can be a daunting and frustrating prospect due to their large populations as well as encouragement from pigeon feeders in the area.

Thermagone, the leading Bed Bug Heat Treatment exterminator in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, now offers an effective and humane Pigeon Control Service

Our Pigeon Program runs from the beginning of April to the end of October each year and is designed to remove pigeons from commercial and residential properties in a discreet and humane manner by taking them far away and releasing them in natural environments where they will be inclined to stay. We operate out of Vaughan and service buildings across the GTA and neighboring areas.

Once a building is registered with our program, our technicians will arrive to survey the roof and set up one or more pigeon traps based upon the property’s needs (this assessment and setup will not count toward your service period.) During the initial assessment and setup, the roof of the building will be baited with whole corn to assess potential hotspots and lure birds to the pigeon trap(s). Once the areas of feeding are determined, we may move and adjust the trap(s) to best attract pigeons on the building’s roof.

Once a week, our technician checks on the trap(s), refill food and water, and removes any caught birds in a humane manner, in accordance with all provincial regulations. We communicate with the building staff to determine the day of the week that suits them best.

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