Bed bugs are unpleasant and problematic, and it’s vital to get rid of these pests and their eggs. Killing their eggs is tricky because the process is meticulous, and failure to complete the necessary steps will result in another infestation as bed bug eggs hatch quickly and start feeding within days. 

When targeting the eggs, you will need several bed bug treatments because chemicals, sprays and insecticides may not affect the eggs right away, and in some cases, you may have to wait for the eggs to hatch to target the nymphs before they become adults. For this reason, it’s always better to hire professional exterminators. The pros use heat treatments to kill bed bug eggs before they hatch, as this is a very effective method that will successfully destroy all of the eggs with finality. This strategy cuts off the growth of the population and eliminates the adults so that bed bugs will not get the opportunity to feed off of your body or infest your home. There are several ways to use heat when killing bed bug eggs, and the first is the use of portable bed bug heaters, which can kill adult bugs, nymphs and eggs. Portable heaters use high heat, so they will successfully kill bed bugs in all stages of life and will not leave any stains or residues.

Washing and drying your infested clothes and belongings is another effective heat treatment method to kill off bed bug eggs. Try sorting out your clothes and putting them inside dissolvable plastic bags, which you can place in your washer where they will dissolve. Once everything is washed, you can then run everything in your dryer and make sure you set the machine to the highest heat setting possible, as this will kill off all the bugs and any eggs present on your clothes and belongings. Once this process is complete, keep your clothes and other items away from the infested rooms to avoid another infestation. 

Steam cleaners are also effective in killing bed bug eggs as they can penetrate fabrics and other surfaces to reach eggs hidden underneath any items successfully. Steam cleaners will allow you to treat surfaces without causing any damage, but you need to be precise with this tool to treat every inch of your mattress and box spring. You must go through every seam, flap and fold so that you don’t miss any spots where bed bugs and their eggs are hiding. Steam cleaners can also be used on baseboards, couches and bed frames, and the accessories that come with this tool will allow you to heat-treat very narrow spaces. Once you are done treating your home, you will be able to scrape off the dead eggs, after which you can discard them. 

Thermagone specializes in bed bug treatments, so you can rely on our services if you are dealing with these unwanted pests. Our exterminators are trained to eliminate bed bugs successfully, and we will apply the correct methods to eliminate this problem permanently. If you are in the Toronto or Mississauga areas, contact us today to see how we can help!