Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto
Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto

Preparing Your Space for Treatment – Overview

  • Simple, common-sense preparation. Much easier and faster than preparing for a series of chemical spray treatments
  • Once our treatment is completed (usually 4 to 7 hours) you and your pets can move back in immediately, free from worry.

Preparing your space is relatively easy, when compared to the prep required for chemical based solutions and you’ll be glad to know that no bedding, clothing, drapery or furniture needs to be washed prior to treatment, thrown out or sealed away in plastic bags.


Since we will be using sustained high temperatures, we ask that you remove all animals, plants and other heat sensitive items (items which could melt or suffer heat related damage) from potential contact with our heat treatment. (NOTE: many of these items may be easily & temporarily stored in an insulated location such as your stove, fridge or freezer. If you have a balcony, storage unit, yard or garage and weather permits, anything may be stored there as well.
Ensure that drawers and closets are loosely packed and free of clutter and that clothing is hung with as much space between items as possible.

Bed Bug Mississauga

We use nothing but heat to treat your home. No chemicals means there are no fumes, no residue and no corrosion. And, you can safely return home as soon as the treatment is complete. ThermaGone uses bio-diesel and/or diesel fuel and environmentally friendly heat-transfer fluid to generate and diffuse heat, creating the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Compare Thermagone’s Easy Treatment Prep

With Preparations Required For A Series Of Chemical Sprays

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto
Bed Bug Heat Treatment Brampton
Bed Bug Mississauga
Bed Bug Heat Treatment Mississauga
  • All plants and animals/pets
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolates, carbonated beverages, wines, and liquors
  • Candles, wax, crayons, lipstick and other cosmetics that may melt
  • All medicine and vitamins
  • Arts and craft items that are assembled with hot melt glue
  • Software, vinyl records, CD’s, tapes (audio and video) stored to avoid warping
  • Oxygen tanks, Aerosol containers, fire extinguishers, cigarette lighters and other combustible items
  • Musical instruments (may detune due to expansion and contraction)
  • Magnets (e.g. fridge magnets) as they may lose some strength
  • Oil/acylic paintings (other artwork should be removed from wall and placed on floor)


  • All furniture should to be moved at least 2 feet from any wall
  • Plastic blinds must be removed, pulled tight and placed on the floor
  • Appliances, including computer towers, televisions, stereos, radios and clocks should be unplugged. There is no need to unplug kitchen appliances
  • Clothing should be hung with as much space as possible between items. Some clothing may be left in drawers provided it is not more than a few inches deep.
  • Please remove as much clutter as possible to allow the heat to permeate the environment.
  • Gather and store loose paper and other easily wind-blown items.


  • If you require medications, please ensure that you take a daily supply with you.
  • You will NOT have access to your unit/possessions until the completion of the treatment, so please take with you what you will need for the time being.


Any items removed from the premises must be closely inspected for the presence of bed bugs. If the items have bed bugs in or on them, they will be reintroduced to your premises as soon as the items are returned. The treatment will not be successful and stated or implied warranties will be void.